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Suzhou BOGO construction and installation engineering co., LTD., formerly Suzhou BOGO decoration engineering co., LTD., SIP branch and Suzhou BOGO M&E engineering co., LTD ,Given the company's development needs, 2014 officially changed its name to "Suzhou BOGO construction installation engineering co., LTD.", and set up independent legal company, formally to carry out normal business, the original customer relations of cooperation and service don't accept any effect;

Suzhou BOGO construction and installation engineering co., LTD., is specialized in constructing industrial plantsand utility building, As a full-service decoration&design with Class Iqualification,BOGO offersturnkey capacities for industrial ,manufacturing,processing facilities in terms of internationalstandard;Having successfully completed a number of manufacturing plants encompassingmultinational clients,our experience has led us to a working familiarity to complete every projecton time and within the future,we will continue to dedicate ourselves to serving ourclients with superior quality and value added solutions.

BOGO is one of the leading engineering and decoration companies in Suzhou,6 years inSuzhou,Management level including engineers, designers and project managers around 40 people,In the past 11years 50 clients,Total contract about RMB 1.8 millions;More 1450,00 M2 Construction area;90% of the client are listed companies from North America, Europe andChina;95% of the client gives us phase II job;Most of the client are happy to write referenceletter for us.

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